For a limited time we are offering with the purchase of a StableGimbal Cinema or DSLR - Ready To Run System One Month Free Phone Technical Support. In addition, all Toronto/GTA customers receive free initial One on One setup/training for a camera of there choice.

StableGimbal is also now offering a One Year Warranty on our Ready To Run Cinema & DSLR Systems.

If you're looking to buy a gimbal system, don't waste your money on a cheap, poorly constructed system made from inferior materials. StableGimbal only uses the highest quality components on the market and our systems are designed to last a filmmakers lifetime.

Update: New AlexMos BasCAM 32bit Gimbal Controllers will soon be available. We will be rigorously testing several manufactures designs to find the best performance and durability for our customers. The 32bit controller will offer better stabilization than the MOVI M10 and Defy G5 along with all other gimbals on the market currently using 8bit electronics. The StableGimbal systems have been designed to accept future upgrades without the need to purchase a completely new gimbal system. To all our current customers, we will be offering a upgrade package so you can take advantage of this new 32bit controller in your current StableGimbal setup in the coming months.

The StableGimbal Cinema Stabilization System is the most powerful and versatile gimbal system available on the market today. It has designed functionality for all cameras such as DSLR's, RED Scarlet, Epic, Sony F5, Sony FS700, Canon C300, and many more.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Canada, StableGimbal is a local product. Because we are able to work closely with our customers, StableGimbal was created using feedback from professionals to meet there demands. With a durable design made of carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum, quality is a top priority. StableGimbal is completely customizable and adaptable to existing accessories. It features 15mm components which allow for unique mounting options using almost any film industry standard accessory.

Pre programmed features allow the system to be used as a single operator unit where pan, tilt, and roll are controlled via on board joysticks or follow me feature. The follow me feature allows the gimbal to move in all directions when the handlebar is tilted or turned. By adding a radio controller to the system you can operate the gimbal with a 2nd operator. Film industry standard follow focus and zoom accessories can easily be mounted and controlled by a 2nd or 3rd operator. 

All electronics and batteries used to drive the gimbal have been moved to the top handlebar. This decreases the total weight of the gimbal frame by about 1 pound and is a great advantage when compared to other gimbal systems. The motors must drive the extra weight, by reducing this you can add an extra pound of camera equipment.

The StableGimbal camera tray/gimbal frame can easily be extended for larger cameras or longer lenses. It is very simple to balance with hex screws as compared to plastic clips and components. In addition, balancing a StableGimbal can be done on any tripod to allow you to work at any level regardless of your environment (on site, without a table, or sitting in a chair). For accurate balancing, StableGimbal is designed to be balanced upside down (in addition to other methods) which allows the user to easily lock a 15-30 degree angle with the tripod head so the perfect balance can be easily adjusted and detected. This is a major obstacle for some users with other gimbal systems, and StableGimbal is superior in the way it saves time and effort when balancing a camera. In order to capture the most stable footage, the camera must be balanced properly.

The StableGimbal system was created to be the most functional, durable, lightweight, customizable and unique gimbal product on the market. We are so sure you will fall in love with the footage StableGimbal creates that we encourage you to book a demonstration with us. Contact us today!


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